The Superkids Reading Program © 2017 Grade 2, 1st Semester SUPER Magazines

Grade Level: 2

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SUPER Magazines are engaging informational-text magazines written just for second graders. This set includes four issues that explore these unique themes through nonfiction articles about science and social studies topics:

  • What's New?—Things that are new, including new inventions, new skateboard moves, and new words
  • It's Tricky—All kinds of tricks from magic tricks, to art that tricks the eye, to animals with tricks for staying alive
  • Lights Out!—What happens at night, including how animals sleep, work people do, and events in the night sky
  • Go, Go, Go!—People, animals, and machines that move at different speeds in different ways, using feet, wings, or wheels

Each issue is 40 pages and includes feature articles, Super Shorts (short articles for developing fluency), a poem, and more.

One set per student for 1st semester, The Superkids Hit Second Grade.

  • ISBN: 9781614368823
  • Product Type: Student Materials
  • Copyright: 2017
  • Grade: 2
  • Format: Softcover
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