Build the Foundation With Joyful Reading Experiences

The ability to decode and to understand language, achieved through systematic and explicit instruction, is foundational to reading and success in school. Add motivation and joy?
This rare combination makes Zaner-Bloser’s reading programs shine!

Our reading programs include the Superkids solutions for grades K–2 and Happily Ever After for PreKindergarten.

The Superkids Reading Program

Comprehensive English Language Arts Curriculum

The Superkids Reading Program is a comprehensive curriculum crafted for grades K–2 using evidence-based literacy practices aligned to the science of reading.

This proven-effective program follows a unique, systematic, and explicit instructional path through engaging, increasingly complex text.

The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit

Targeted Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, and Fluency Instruction

The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit for grades K–2 can supplement any core reading program or complement a balanced literacy framework by providing targeted instruction in foundational literacy skills.

Daily word work includes skill practice and application in decodable text.

The Superkids Phonemic Awareness

Daily Lessons and Intervention

The Superkids Phonemic Awareness curriculum for grades K–2 provides 180 daily lessons for building phonological and phonemic awareness skills—plus intervention activities.

Lessons are fun and playful, introduce skills with an I Do/We Do/You Do format, and complement any literacy curriculum.

The Superkids Reading Resources

High-Quality, High-Interest Texts With Guided-Reading Lessons

The Superkids Reading Resources are designed for small-group instruction of fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills in grades K–2.

Flexible guided-reading lessons accompany high-quality student texts—decodable books in grades K–1 and magazines and trade books in grade 2.

Happily Ever After

A Readiness Program With Children’s Literature at Its Heart

Happily Ever After is a reading readiness program designed to give children the foundation they need to be successful when they begin formal reading instruction.

Well-known, beautifully illustrated selections of children’s literature are the basis of the ten units in the program.

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