Inspire a Love and Conceptual Understanding of Math

Teach number sense and fact fluency—critical components for long-term success in math—through inquiry-based conversation, hands-on activities, and games.

Kickstart: Number Sense supports small-group intervention in grades K–2 and Building Fact Fluency toolkit supplement the core curriculum in grades K–5.

Targeted Intervention for Grade-Level Readiness

Kickstart: Number Sense, in English or Spanish, helps students struggling with the K–2 core curriculum move from concrete to abstract thinking about numbers.

Ready-to-use kits include all materials to get students' minds and bodies engaged in mathematical thinking—with explicit teaching support for little to no prep time!

Fact Fluency and Operations in Meaningful Contexts

Building Fact Fluency invite students to explore foundational and derived strategies through conversation, tasks, and games in multiple real-world contexts.

Research-based and standards-aligned, each toolkit (Addition & Subtraction and Multiplication & Division) helps students develop mathematical language as they build accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility with math facts.

Inspire More "Aha" Moments